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You have been selected by IMF task force to find stolen crown jewels from around the world. However, these gems are stored in high security vaults around different continents. Your mission should you dare to accept it is to break into these vaults and capture the World's treasures. Remember though you only have limited time to unlock each vault.

Treat yourself in this unique 3D gem playing game. iLoot is a whole new jewel collecting experience. See the gems come to life like never before. Match the vibrant colored gems and detonate them in a wonderful 3D world. Capture precious gems for your treasure and view them in an elegant 3D display.

iLoot offers a series of gems that you unlock as you play. Earn bonus points when you play. Just when you think you understand the vaults, the vaults start spinning. Show off your prowess in gem picking in the Blitz mode. Invite your friends to play and beat their scores. Watch your rank rise in game center.

iLoot is extremely easy to learn and gives you hours of fun!